Do Countries Have Too Many Casinos?

The states of the European Union and the United States have invested heavily in gambling establishments over the past five years. We note that new buildings are under construction in France, in the south, in Normandy but also in New York or even in Massachusetts.

Many people wonder and the crucial questions come to haunt our own questions. Can the project to build new casinos harm other establishments already established, where there is sufficient demand?

Politicians and ministries have asked themselves the question. “ We are reaching saturation

In the United States, the State of Delaware is struggling to keep up financially. A loss of nearly $ 217 million was noted in 2012. Is there either a lack of customers or are the taxes too high? So why ? Recreate other casinos?

“ – It’s modern, the building is new, people are drawn to it… Older casinos face stiff competition. We have to innovate, ”said an anonymous player.

The State of Delaware wishes to financially help these casinos in great difficulty, but finds itself on the objections of certain policies.

“ Delaware is in a difficult position because its tax structure was designed at a time when there was only one competitor, New Jersey,” said David Schwartz, director of the Center for Gambling Research at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. Now, Pennsylvania and Maryland have surrounded the state with new settlements, so citizens have more options. People go where they live ”.

Lucy Dadayan, a political analyst recently said that gambling in its current form has “probably reached saturation point” – and not just in the United States, but around the world as well.

“ Even with the creation of new gaming establishments, the expansion of casinos is only attracting a small pool of new players. The regulars stay there and continue to play. There are more and more offers than demands. Why invest in new projects that can harm the neighbor? 

Will the new regulation of online games on the Internet help financially these casinos in difficulty?

Online poker is already being hit hard. For example, the Partouche group was even forced to close its online gaming tables in France.

In the US, the State of Delaware has plans to offer players the possibility of playing legally online as of September 30. It will be the third US state to propose the release of internet poker. Despite gambling establishments in the midst of a crisis, many want to risk legalizing this project.

However, the state governor strongly believes that online gambling is not necessarily a quick fix for the financial problems of casinos. After Delaware, 10 other American states should also open legalization for online poker. It is obviously just a matter of time.

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