A Man Wins Twice In A Row

It is an event that few have ever experienced. And that’s hardly believing it, and yet, that’s what actually happened last week. Pierre, a man in his thirties still cannot believe his own eyes. The young man loves to gamble, and he sometimes spends large sums of money at the casino in the hope of winning a possible Jackpot. A dream according to him. However, Peter is aware of what he is doing. He’s not an addict at heart.

But now, a barely believable story has just happened.

Unheard of luck allowed him to win over a two month interval, twice at the casino. Pierre will pocket 2.5 million euros on Sunday, June 23, the man had gone to the casino of Palavas-les-Flots in the Hérault. A jackpot of nearly 1 million euros arrives in front of him! Hardly believable! The man no longer felt his legs.

After winning with monster nerve. The 33-year-old had already won a jackpot of 1 million 600 euros 2 months before. He wanted to relax and go to a gambling establishment again for a drink. But now the chance falls on him again.

The slot machine manager couldn’t believe it. Laurent Saber, who works for the establishment, has never seen such an experience throughout his career.

The director also adds: “ When people gamble a lot, they stop gambling. But he continued. It’s amazing ”

The man had for many years had different projects in mind and in particular a real estate investment project that he wanted to undertake. With these two jackpots. Things are going to get a lot easier for him. His wife is in shock, but very happy. How did the man manage to win?

It was only and only with 2.5 € in his pocket that the man played on a machine and saw the machine ignite with a nice jackpot to boot. The man never imagined having so much money in his pocket one day. He is shocked and says he is lucky.

There is a time for everything and when something happens, it is for a reason… ”

Pierre was only on the machine for a few minutes when the machine rang. The young man was ready to drop her and go home. He finally leaves with the jackpot.

Peter has won the biggest jackpot for a slot machine. Since 2009, nearly 34 people have shared the sum of 45 million euros with MEGAPOT. Fascinating stories always interesting to share. We do not know if the man will ever return to a casino to replay and try his luck again. But one thing is certain, what he did was statistical aberration.

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