5 useful tips to face a job interview

In the society we live in today, where our visual assessments play a major role in how we interpret information, you can’t miss your first opportunity to make a good first impression. Luckily, first impressions are always made based on the first image you strike. Therefore it is advisable to always present yourself well in appearance and preparedness.

Here are a few tips to have in mind when going for the interview to get your dream job:

Know Your Curriculum Vitae

When you have a job interview, this is usually because you have already passed a first screening with the Curriculum Vitae. Your CV is usually the first image you make in the mind of your employer.

Understand that you will be asked a lot of questions from it. Therefore, it is important to prepare to answer all kinds of questions. To get ready, just go over each point of the CV, thinking about how you could give more details of the information that is offered, what more data can be interesting, and what can arouse the curiosity of the interviewer.

You have to be aware of all the possible questions that could be asked.

  • How was the stay in the University?
  • Why did you leave or get kicked out of that other job?
  • Why do you want to be part of the company?

For all these and more you have to have an answer. Prepare even for the most unexpected or unusual questions often made with the intention of catching you by surprise and throwing you off a little.

Get All The Necessary Information About The Company

It is essential that you know the company in which you want to start or continue your professional career. Search on their website, find out everything related to the company, who founded it, from which year it’s been running, how many departments it has, etc.

It is important to have a general idea, since the interviewer can detect if you really have an interest in being part of the company for a long time or if this is just a short term stop for you. Knowing the company is a positive factor, which makes you earn points when hiring, since you show interest in it.

Speak With Sincerity, Precision And Kindness

This doesn’t have to be complicated. You must know how to express yourself, and this is not only talking with a clear and confident tone, but also using correct language. You have to be concise and precise. You should not give more information than you have been asked.

Take Care Of Nonverbal Language

There are many companies that use the services of psychologists or managers with specific training for reading body language. Everything that is done in the presence of one of these people will be analyzed in detail, from the position in which you sit down to where and how your hands rest, through where the gaze rests and how your hands move.

It is normal to be nervous before a job interview, but you have to keep yourself in check. You have to convey confidence, and know exactly what you want and how to carry it out to reach the main goal, which is to obtain the position. 

No arms or legs should be crossed, as this conveys a defensive posture. You should sit up straight, with your back straight, and not too relaxed, as it will cause a bad impression. Your smile is a good friend. We are not talking about a sympathetic or nervous smile. Smile to show yourself fun and friendly without going over the top.

As a whole, you have to show respect, attention, trust, interest, and ease. The job is important both for the company and for the you, interviewee.

Be Yourself

Even though it is recommended that you carry out all the above, never forget who you are. Don’t try to fake it. You don’t have to disguise as who you are not, just to get the job. In as much as you have the right experience, knowledge, and interest, you are the right person for that position. You have to convey that idea.

With these tips, you will become the preferred candidate when applying for your dream job.